Grandfather Mountain Highland Games 2002

The weather was "all of the above" from cold and windy, to rain and fog (and cool), to a pretty nice day on Sunday.  Saturday, which is the normal big day, was plagued with rain and at times, a very heavy fog.  Many of the clans packed up and left early in the day.  Clan Sinclair was there until about 4:30pm and then we packed everything and headed for the motel to dry out.  The forecast for Sunday was for steady rain but it only sprinkled for a few moments in the morning.  We had a great day and met many people.  Normally I try to get photos of the athletic events, clan tents, etc., but the weather really had an adverse effect.

Congratulations to Chris St. Clair who had a strong showing in the heavy athletic competition as a pro this year, after winning numerous contests in the past as an amateur. Congratulations to Mary Susan Sinclair, Atlantic International Champion, as she continues to take honors, winning several events including Dancer of the Day!  Congratulations to Ron Sinclair as he made his debut at the Games singing the National Anthem on Saturday and Sunday as well as performing beautifully in the Ceilidh on Friday and Saturday evenings.  The Sinclairs were well represented!

The Torchlight Ceremony

"Raise The Clans*

The expression "raise the clans" has a slightly archaic sound to our ears.  It is surrounded by an aura of some long forgotten appeal to support noble causes or high ideals.  From a historical perspective, it was used to summon the clans for battle.  We have chosen to transform this ancient act to symbolize a different kind of call to the clans.

The saltire cross is recognized as Scotland's ancient symbol.  A living cross of light is made up of a representative from all the clans and families who have come to participate.  They come from the compass points to indicate the widespread migration of Scots.  The clans give voice to their origins and take their place as a part of the gathering on this magnificent mountain.  Together they share remembrances and offer thanks.  As the torches burn brightly together in the gathering dusk, the haunting sound of pipes is carried into the night.  The clans have come again to celebrate who they are.

The Torchlight Ceremony was created by Larry Long, the 1995 recipient of the Agnes MacRae Morton Award."

*"Raise the Clans" - as written in the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games and Gathering of Scottish Clans program.

Now for the photos!

The Banquet and our 32nd wedding anniversary

Brass and Pipe band performs

The Dancers perform

The dance band was super playing some good "vintage" tunes

Lots of good dancing

Alex Beaton takes over and is his usual best!

Saturday morning before the rain and fog .... Kailey is c-o-l-d!

Peek for a photo!

Kimberly Lynne (Mommie) and Kailey

Kailey wanted to "pet" the sheep. They were on their way toward the fence, when the one sheep in the foreground blocked their path!

And the rain begins ... and continues; photo taken from within our tent.

Carl Peterson performs at the Ceilidh. A really good entertainer.

Ron Sinclair, second from left, performs and makes us all proud.

The Pipe Bands were also great!

...a group sing-a-long

Ron captivates the audience. Ron, you need to cut that CD! Your fans are waiting.

Pipe Band from Greenville, SC, our home town.

Lynne and granddaughter, Kailey Lynne

Pipe Band leads us to the Kirkin' o' the Tartans on Sunday morning.

Two rows of clan tartans

Ron Sinclair sings the National Anthem, accompanied by Carl Peterson on the guitar. Great performance.

Little 5 week old Michael Liam gets his first "tam", held by his Dad, son Michael.

Getting ready for the Parade of Tartans, Kailey in front, and l to r, Kimberly, Mel, Thomas, Jenna who will be a Sinclair next June.

Mike and Kim get little Liam all snuggly for the Parade of the Tartans.

Ready to march? SEE NOTE #1 BELOW FOR NAMES

The Pipe Bands prepare for the march

Massed bands on the field

Here comes Clan Sinclair with 20 in the party.

24 Sinclair's made it for this photo and several were at the Games but elsewhere when this photo was made. SEE NOTE #2 BELOW FOR NAMES

Kailey's first race ... actually it was a family event to get her through the race.

Kailey with uncle Mike (left) and Thomas (right)

The Next Generation! Beth, Chris, Thomas, Jenna, Kim, Mike, and daughter Kim


NOTE #1:  Left to right, David Quarterman and wife Cathy (front of David), Lisa Burns, Heather and Claire Willingham, Sarah Stribling (Sinclair) and Robbie Burns, with Sallie Burns in front.

NOTE #2:  Children, front row: Robbie and Sallie Burns, Kailey Sinclair, Alex, Caitlin, and baby Caleb Mason; Left to right: David and Cathy Quarterman, Heather Willingham, Lisa Burns, Claire Willingham, Sarah Stribling (Sinclair), Jenna Theodore, Thomas Sinclair, Kimberly Sinclair, Lynne Sinclair, Mel Sinclair, Mike Sinclair, Kimberly Sinclair (with baby Liam), Ashley Reber, Grandma Mason, Laura and Kevin Mason.

**************Photos below*********

More Photos from our daughter, Kimberly's camera.  There are two Kimberlys.  Granddaughter Kailey's Mommie is our daughter.  Grandson Liam is the son of our son Michael and DIL, who truly seems like our very own daughter, Kimberly.

Kailey is bundled but the tent is ready! (then comes the rain ... all day!)

Mike was smart enough to bring his sweater ... he's looking after 6 week old son, Liam.

"Hey, no worry, it's just the normal Scottish weather" says baby Liam.

The fog begins to move in.

....and the fog continues to move in.

Kimberly holds baby Liam under the umbrella, as it rains. "You just have to do a little adjusting ... go Games!"

Uncle Thomas adjusts the jacket as Dad Mike carries baby Liam around in the "challenging" weather on Saturday.

At last, Sunday ... no rain (actually, not much rain), as Mike helps Kailey at the starting line of the race!



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