Stone Mountain Highland Games 2001

Clan Sinclair, the honored Clan, with the Clan Chief as Chieftain of the games.

Clan Sinclair leads the way

The Mel Sinclair Clan

Chief Malcolm participated at the morning service

The Chief at the church service, assisting with the baptism of the children

Grammy, Mommie, and cool Kailey

Neat setting for the clan tents

Another view of the area for clan tents


The Chief takes the stage (Mel with the honor of flag bearer, leading the Chief)

Massed Bands!

The Chief speaks to the crowd

Several of the Clan visit the tent

Kailey makes time for important stuff!

The Chief joins the Mel Sinclair clan

Mel (l) and Rory (r) pose for a shot. Rory is Secretary of Clan Sinclair Canada and a great piper!

Mel (l) and the Chief (r). This weekend was quite an honor for me. I will always remember it. Thanks, Chief Malcolm!

Clan Sinclair with the Clans, in mass.

Mel with two Clansmen who have forgotten more than I'll ever know about the clan. My priviledge to be with these fine men.

Mel with outgoing President of Clan Sinclair, USA, Brad Barker, and the new President, Donald L. Sinclair


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