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Brother Frederick Dalcho

Brother’s Albert Mackey, Wilmot Gibbs de Saussure, and Ray Baker Harris who were three known Masonic Historians have written much about Brother Frederick Dalcho. In all of their histories, the name Brother Frederick Dalcho was often mentioned, quoted, and spoken of in high regard to the contributions he made to the fraternity.   

On September 23, 1801, Brother Dalcho delivered his first "Oration" to the "Sublime Grand Lodge," then located in Charleston, South Carolina. In his opening statement, he stated, "The duty of this evening, to which, I am called by the honor of your appointment, is a task infinitely more important, and arduous, than my feeble abilities are equal to: And nothing but the high respect I have for the Society.”
A few years later Brother John Fowler of Ireland wrote to Brother Dalcho about obtaining his permission to reprint all of his “Orations” along with establishing a Supreme Council in Ireland. To this Brother Dalcho gave his permission, but due to the on going war at the time he could not establish a Supreme Council in Ireland.
In reading these “Orations” one can feel the pride that was required of the members of the  “Craft” during that time period just like it is today just by reading them. Since very few persons have seen the “Orations,” that were written and presented before the, “Sublime Grand Lodge in Charleston, South Carolina” on September 23, 1801 and March 21, 1807 I felt a strong compassion to retype them with the intent of having them posted on the web page for all to view. .
Both of these “Orations” holds much knowledge that should be viewed by the Brethren around the world and also the public domain as it shows the “good” that is required of each member that calls himself a “Mason.” 

Don Burbidge, June 2005


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